Suso Fandiño at Maus Contemporary. Birmingham,AL,USA


Suso Fandiño at Paper Positions,Berlin


New group exhibition at Maus Contemporary

The People" acquired by Jan Michalski pour l'Ecriture et la Littérature Fondation,Switzerland, at Drawing Now Paris

New publication.Suso Fandiño. La lutte continue. Maus Contemporary

New studio

San Roque 11, 15.706. Santiago de Compostela.

Recently I have opened to the public my new study in the San Roque street, number 11. In Santiago de Compostela and just 100 metres away from the CGAC. I want to give a more public disposition to this study and I have included a small but cute showroom to show new stuff, projects and even to program temporary exhibitions. As usual you always are invited to visit me and my Works, now youalready know where find me.


“Vous êtes ici”

My work "Vous êtes ici. Homs and Alep",  has  won the 24th Edition on the International Prizes Máximo Ramos. The work is an acrylic serigraphic process on vintage military maps of the second world-wide war of the cities of Homs and Alepo. For the first time in 24 years of contest, the name of the winner in the 24º edition of the International prize was known directly during the opening of the exhibition that gathered to the best works of 200 proposals  presented to this edition of the contest.
The work try to put over the table a debate about location and territory as reality and convention. Our position like  media viewers of the dramatic current situation in Syria and the propositión of an alternative location try to draw up a new perspective, a new frame to be witness .



Current exhibitions

«SEMENTE.15 anos apoiando a arte emerxente».

11Oct-16Feb [A. de Galicia]


Curated by Ángel Cerviño and Alberto González Alegre

The Auditorio of Galicia inaugurates a new exhibition in the room Isaac Díaz Pardo: «SEMENTE. 15 anos apoiando a arte emerxente». In this project the curators Ángel Cerviño and Alberto González-Alegre have done a selection of works. The authors have been selected in the Prizes Auditorium of Galicia for Young Artists. Of each one of the anual prizes, the curators have chosen fseveral works that have stood out in their careers, sure enough, these prizes left his seed in the cultural heritage.

Of deer and men. Dibujo sobre papel