Compilation Publication


Photograph and text. Project for multiple publication. 22x23 cm Seized Objects # 14 (rocket) Object seized from 13 year old JMRD on the 16th of May 2009 due to using it as a weapon and striking several colleagues with it during break time. Seized Object #21 (Gun) Object seized from 16 year old MMR on the 24th of January 2010 due to pointing it at a teacher and simulating firing shots in the corridor when going from one classroom to another.

This project was being developed since 2009, compiling and granting visibility to the objects seized from secondary school students by their teachers. These involuntary collections were often configured in a methodical manner and other times haphazardly. They became mute witnesses of the passing of different generations through education centres. The criteria of choice are not marked out at any moment by the artist, who at no time acts as a notary of a reality that is alien to him. The role judged is restricted to establishing these collections as such, granting them a form and format and bringing them to light in public. Simply establishing a possessing of a collection over another for questions of economy and the possibility of exhibition. The formalization of the project, as well as its exhibiting, are carried out physically in a multiple edition, not keeping to the wall as a reconstruction of the object photographed, re-contextualised and therefore reconstituted with the production of a new artistic work.